Welcome to the Office of the Martial Art Registrar

Accreditation for quality, safe martial arts

The Office of the Martial Art Registrar [OFMAR] was incepted to reinforce the ethic of Quality and Safety throughout the UK Martial Arts Industry.

OFMAR firmly believes in the following;

  • That instructors are recognised and registered at a national level to teach martial arts.
  • Instructors have the confidence, protection and security that they are the official representatives of their style and club name at their given locations.
  • To raise, correct and amend training issues that OFMAR has identified through its data research.
  • To bring advice tools to help instructors broaden and manage their market presence.
  • To establish a register of active schools across the United Kingdom (for future regulation and compliance purposes under appropriate verifying body).

OFMAR now reports directly to the Department of Digital Culture Media and Sport in a statistical reporting capacity and as a technical advisor to the Government and the Policy Review team following the completion of its first annual return on the UK Martial Arts Industry in September 2018.


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