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OFMAR was initially founded in 2013 to establish the mechanism to recognise and accredit Martial Art schools across the industry in the United Kingdom.

In May 2017 OFMAR completed its online accreditation package for the generic scoring of Martial Arts Instructors in the UK, a service which is available today under the Martial Art Conduct Authority [MACA]. However in light of GDPR regulation and changes in the employment law this facility is currently pending update and review by the UK Accreditation Service and British Standards Institute before becoming the privately administered standard for the industry.

Between May 2017 and November 2018 OFMAR was granted permission from the Chartered Institute of the Management of Sport and Physical Activity [CIMSPA] and the Government to draft the Standard for Instructor Certification, and launch its online portal for the national registration of Martial Arts Instructors in the United Kingdom. In November 2018 the Department of Digital Culture Media and Sport [DDCMS] ‘green-lighted’ the launch of the OFMAR Online Portal and the founding of the Martial Art Conduct Authority.

Today, OFMAR is now the information data host controller for all the schools, clubs and instructors that operate within the boundary of the United Kingdom. OFMAR currently works in tandem with the Martial Art Conduct Authority [MACA] who handle the accreditation, training, certification, recognition and regulation of associations, organisations, schools and instructors across the entire industry.

OFMAR acts as the central registration facility for all Martial Art schools at a national level with an agreed yearly reporting function to the Department of Digital Culture Media and Sport and the Government Policy Review Team. OFMAR will continue to release statistics and other service related work under its own name, but its main function is to service and report fairly and accurately the data it holds and to honour its agreement with the Government.

OFMAR is not a regulatory body in that it operates only to control the relationship and the accuracy of the data of the records that it holds and displays in the public domain.

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