Benefits of OFMAR

“Stand out from the crowd”

There are 7 main reasons why OFMAR is more than just a directory platform.

United Kingdom service

The club listing platform has been tailored and designed to service specifically those schools operating within the boundaries of the United Kingdom. This keeps the OFMAR dataset clean, GDPR compliant and all information as secure as possible under UK Law. We do not sell club information or mailing lists.

Our concern is ensuring all potential customers see and feel welcome at the clubs registered with OFMAR.

No banner advertisements

We cannot make this plain enough. ‘Pop Up Advertising’ or ‘Competitor Advertising Streams’ do not add value to the clubs that pay a subscription for using the listing service. OFMAR does not believe in bombarding or forcing advertising on customers who may be searching for other products or services. We keep the search fast and clean so people can quickly and without fuss, find the information they are looking for.

Optimised search function to pinpoint customers straight to your club

Our search parameter allows customers to search on Style, Town or County. We also offer premium or ‘featured’ listing so these can be shown above regular schools in the search parameters.

No duplicates or multi-listings

We list only unique schools by town. All schools that apply to OFMAR are compared against the up to date MACA control database by town, club name, instructor name, telephone number, email and website to see if any duplicated record already exists. The school will not be allowed to have an active if one is already activated. If the school is unique it can be added to the OFMAR site and public domain.

Not only does this prevent ‘multi-listing’ but also prevents people claiming against your club name for services or insurances in your area that you may be unaware of: or trading on your club name or style. This also prevents duplication of records, duplicated premiums or, unnecessary fees. OFMAR believes that independent schools and ‘super users’ have the same equitable standing in listings.

Active school listings only

OFMAR lists only active clubs in the United Kingdom. Clubs that are closed or have stopped trading often fester away for years on sites that do not clean their data properly. OFMAR is committed to keeping records updated and clean so that only active and operating clubs are reported. If your club is not listed, contact us to register it today!

Under Martial Art Conduct Authority guidelines clubs that are not OFMAR registered may face a fine of up to £tbc per club venue for failing to disclose business, operating a business that does not meet minimum requirements, or continuing business when they have been banned or black-listed from teaching. Register today to ensure that your club is at the forefront of new legislation requirements.

The most expansive dataset listing available

We have compiled an expansive dataset of almost 17,000 Schools collated from the top five GDPR Compliant dojo search engines covering the United Kingdom. We already report to the Government on style, sub-style, county, country and regional splits, registered associations, training issues, insurers and whether a club has NGB backing and approval. OFMAR knows it already has the cleanest, strongest and most secure dataset platform there is for the UK Martial Arts Industry.

Marketing guidance and advice

Currently 80% Clubs advertise their services on less than half of the potential market. One of our goals is to bring ways and methods to broaden clubs exposure and presence to the Martial Arts Industry – and often for very little or no expense. It just depends on how committed you are to making your club work. We can certainly help.


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