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Whether a single club or a style with numerous locations, OFMAR can support your listing requirements. It really could not be easier.

of Schools
Cost per month
(Per school)
1 £25
2-9 £20
10-29 £18
30-49 £15
50+ £10


Listing only £10.00 per club per month


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A One-off Single premium fee of £50 per registered School.

Fees are paid yearly in advance; and clubs that want certification will have to undergo assessment requiring proof of sight inspection for their governing compliance documents in line with the OFMAR defined objective criteria. The entire process should be completed within 6 weeks from the date of application including the mandatory Enhanced Supervising Instructor Disclosure and Barring Service DBS Mandatory check.

We do require the completion of A GDPR compliancy and consent form and receipt of your first annual premium and then start the School verification process onto the OFMAR portal.

Due to the confidential nature of the information OFMAR holds it cannot allow external Schools to manage an account. This is to protect the database listing and structure – and limit access to the protected information. Any changes to your record can be undertaken by the Client Management Team at OFMAR. We can even build in your Schools Logo to your click through profile, and in turn once activated add the OFMAR Registered School Logo to your own website.

OFMAR could offer its services for free, but there is no requirement to offer its customers any value or service. OFMAR has the tools, drive and commitment to get your School standing out from the Crowd – kick start your 2021 and contact us today

Website Services

Are you ashamed of your website? Does it need refreshment, or a complete rebuild? OFMAR believes that instructors who are proud of their website and media presence generate leads. OFMAR can direct any school looking for a website refresh to a market leading web-designer who is a specialises in building a site that reflect your schools vision.

Data Services

View our updated reports compiled for the UK Martial Arts Industry, including a list of the styles formally recognised by OFMAR, the current market statistics, analytics and regional splits, and the historical OFMAR publications on self defence, use of force and complied UK to US Crime Statistics.

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